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Divorce Mediation Attorney
in Syracuse, New York

No one gets married with a plan for it to end. But when life happens and divorce is the best route to go, it can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes divorces are more difficult, but sometimes they can be amicable. Wherever you and your spouse land, a mediator can help both of you get the best out of the situation. Our attorney is prepared to do that for you, and we serve those going through a divorce in Syracuse, New York, and in the surrounding areas including Auburn, Cortland, Cazenovia, or Oswego.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a popular choice for couples who want to stay out of court and plan their own futures.  A mediator is neutral and works with you and your spouse to facilitate a conversation about assets and debts, parenting time, support, and other issues.  When all the decisions have been made, the terms are written up in an agreement.

You don’t have to have an agreement on any of the issues before you begin.  Even couples who find it difficult to talk to each other have found success using mediation.  Mediation is private and less expensive than other processes.  You can go as fast or as slowly as you need through the process.  You can give yourself certainty during a very difficult time, by choosing mediation. 

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How an Experienced Mediator Can Help

Our attorney Nancy is an experienced family law attorney. When we meditate, we are not representing either spouse.  We will provide legal information that you need to make decisions.  If you and your spouse have consulting attorneys, we will communicate with them and include them in meetings if you desire.  When the issues are resolved, we will draft a Separation Agreement, which can be the basis for a divorce.  With your permission, we will complete the paperwork for an undefended divorce action. 

Divorce Mediation Attorney in Syracuse, New York

If you need a divorce, mediation with us can be a quick and cost-effective way to get the job done right. If you're in Syracuse, New York, or in the surrounding areas including Auburn, Cortland, Cazenovia, or Oswego, contact us today for the support and mediation you need.