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I hired Nancy to review a separation agreement, in preparation for a divorce. The agreement my husband and I had prepared with a mediator was not typical, but it made sense and felt right to both of us. Nancy clearly advised me of my legal rights, but she also listened carefully to my reasoning and left room for me to make my own decisions. I feel confident the agreement is the best it could be, given the two minds and hearts involved. Thank you, Nancy.



We hired Nancy to be our mediator, draw up our legal separation agreement and then file the divorce with the court. The process went amazingly smooth. She always responded promptly via email or phone. Nancy is a very intelligent and thorough attorney and her compassion for her clients is genuine.


Experienced, Conscientious, Highly Skilled Attorney

I hired Nancy to draft a QDRO and then an addendum to our Judgement of Divorce. Nancy is an exceptional attorney. She is knowledgeable, trustworthy, responsive and kind. I would rely on Nancy in a heartbeat for future services, and recommend her to any family member, colleague, or friend. Thank you Nancy for your positive energy and faithful service!


Mediated Divorce

I hired Nancy to help up through our legal separation and divorce. She guided us through the mediation process which was completely different than the usual adversarial divorce process. She is skilled, empathetic, and understanding of the emotional havoc dissolving a marriage can cause. Mediation was a much better path to take and we are grateful to Nancy for taking this route. Highly recommend Nancy to anyone going through a separation or divorce.


Highly Recommend Nancy for Collaborative Divorce Process.

Nancy was very thorough and knowledgeable and kept me informed every step of the process. She also had good recommendations for additional information and support during and after the process.


Terrific Lawyer & Mediator

Ms. Giardina is knowledgeable on all aspects of a complicated divorce. Her mediation services were invaluable, and every question was answered patiently, sometimes twice. She was unflappable, compassionate, and business-like. I cannot recommend her enough.


Literacy Specialist

Nancy was very professional and compassion. She was easy to relate to as well as understanding. I found her to be both fair and timely. This process worked very well for our situation. I would highly recommend her to any other parties looking to go through the mediation process.


Collaborative Divorce

Nancy was very helpful and methodical, making sure that every step was covered. The collaborative process allows the client to be a little more in control than going to court. Did it save time or money? That's tough to say and dependent on the parties on both sides being able to come to an agreement.


Nancy Is the Most Trustworthy, Confident, Talented, Caring, Intelligent and Experienced Family Court Lawyer in Upstate New York

If you want to get your family court case or issues resolved in the quickest and the most cost effective way possible, this is THE lawyer you need to hire. She helped me for about seven months with custody, visitation and child support issues. She's absolutely amazing in the court room and also extremely effective during mediation. I remember vividly that I was sitting next to her in the court room when she was delivering her statements for me, I was in awe of her confidence, experience and knowledge! A few months after that, she truly impressed me with her negotiation skills during mediation and her pure desire to help her clients resolving conflicts. Whenever I need to email or call her for legal advices, she's always reachable and very patient in explaining her reasoning to me. She's very dedicated and focused in helping you getting out of a bad situation. hiring her service was hands down, the most important decision I've made in a long time. To summarize, if you're looking for a naturally talented and hard working family court lawyer to get things done for you, congratulations! You've found her. Hopefully you can tell, I'm very thankful for everything she has done for me and my family.


Collaborative Separation and Divorce

Nancy represented and advised me during a collaborative process aimed at marital separation and, eventually, divorce. She did an excellent job organizing and managing the process - and in managing me during what was the most difficult situation I have ever encountered. In retrospect, I am convinced that, in my case, the collaborative approach was clearly the best way to get this done while avoiding the collateral damage that can result from an adversarial process. Nancy had a key role in its success and I am highly pleased with her work.


Highly Recommended

Nancy was exceptional. Went above and beyond to make me feel like she had not only my best interest, but my children's as well.


Responsive and Knowledgeable

5.0 stars

Posted by Marybeth
September 14, 2018

Attorney Nancy Giardina handled my marital divorce. She was responsive to my numerous phone calls and email communications in a timely and thorough manner. Attorney Giardina is most knowledgeable regarding the Law and its processes. She conducted our attorney-client relationship in a compassionate manner. She listened. I recommend Attorney Nancy Giardina for her expertise as a Marital Divorce lawyer.

Marybeth A

Divorced Man

Nancy was more than a lawyer , she was my consultant and also my mediator with my x wife attorney and financial accountant . Nancys cool , collective , demeanor was what was exactly needed to sort out the mess with the other sides attorney to keep things moving forward more professionally and in a timely manner. If not for Nancy quite honestly I think I would still be in that mess. Truly a class act.



I hired Nancy to represent me in my divorce. She worked with me and ex wife now in making the right choses painless. Divorce was scary enough. she made it a friendly n non judge mental atmosphere. Awesome lawyer, if you want a go through it peacefully with no worries.


Divorce the Right Way

Nancy is an excellent attorney who will teach you how to divorce the without tearing yourself and your family apart so that you and your family can forward with your lives with the least conflict possible. Her kind and compassionate demeaner makes you feel at ease as you approach this emotionally challenging time in your life so you can keep your focus on healing, where it belongs.


Separation and Divorce

Was straight forward, professional. Nancy was always maintained great contact and was prepared


Great Attorney

Nancy is an exceptional attorney. Not only is she smart and thorough, but she is also comforting and patient, and got me through an awful time in my life.


Wonderful Service!

Nancy was absolutely wonderful, professional, and patient from start to finish!


Excellent Divorce Mediation Service

5Nancy Giardina was excellent. Acting as a divorce mediator, she was flexible enough to accommodate us with evening hours, and she was clear, professional and efficient from the beginning of the process to the end. All of our questions were answered thoroughly and promptly, resulting in a hassle-free conclusion to our case. Her rates were fair and all other expenses (filing fees etc.) were explained clearly and candidly ahead of time.

I would not hesitate in recommending her to others.



Professional and Thorough

Nancy mediated the financial agreement for my ex-husband and I over the course of five months. She was professional at all times. Nancy understands the law and is able to explain it in such a way that enables you to make good decisions. She followed through with whatever she indicated she would do and was clear and explicit about the process of separation and divorce.

My one and only reservation was that when I indicated to her that it was not a good idea for my ex and I to meet in person with her because of tensions between us at specific times towards the end of the process, she scheduled meetings anyway. I am not sure if she realized the seriousness of the situation.

Nonetheless, I hired her to represent me in my divorce after mediation was complete and all went well.


Was so Amazing

After having issues with a previous lawyer that resulted in needing a new lawyer, I hired Nancy to complete my divorce. She made sure that everything was very smooth and quickly completed. Nancy was very educated with the laws and steps needed to complete a divorce and was very honest with what could happen during the process. She made sure I had all the facts and possibilities so I could make informed decisions that would affect my life after the divorce was finalized. I love that she made sure to keep me updated constantly with everything that was happening and everything that needed to happen. I can't recommend her enough. She was available whenever I had questions or concerns and never made me feel as though anything I asked was a stupid question.


Family Law

Nancy displayed professionalism as my attorney. She questioned myself and others to provide facts and accuracy about my case. Her diligence was evident throughout my case. If I should need representation in her field of expertise, I would not hesitate to acquire her council.


Experienced, Professional and Kind

Nancy is an experienced attorney and was very helpful and knowledgeable in helping me obtain my divorce. She was also kind, compassionate and understanding during a difficult time. I have recommended her to several friends and colleagues.


Life After Divorce

Not being originally from the area, I was referred to Nancy Giardina when I found myself in need of legal representation during the process of my divorce. Nancy is a consummate, professional attorney specializing in the area of Family Law. She is also a very patient and compassionate person who made it a point to handle every aspect of the divorce process with an eye toward making sure the needs of the entire family (including the children) were met. Due to her knowledge and excellent legal representation, I today have an excellent relationship with my children who my ex-wife and I actively co-parent and both my ex-wife and I have gone on to live full and productive lives without harboring any animosity toward one another. To say that I would recommend Nancy without reservation is an understatement. Divorce is an inherently painful process ... why make it any more painful than it has to be? Given the opportunity, Nancy Giardina can represent and guide you through the process of either Family Mediation or Divorce so as to assure the best possible outcome for all concerned. If you find yourself in need of similar services, make the right choice Contact her and let her help you as she was able to help me!